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I am so grateful to have a job that I'm THIS freaking in love with...wanting to capture moments + feelings filters into every aspect of my life...

when I do finally find myself out from behind the camera

these are usually the things that fill my time


HEY there!

I care about getting to know here is a little bit more about me


My husband, Christian, and I met when I was sixteeeeeeeen. A real high school-sweetheart story. I always tell people that I have no pride in the number of years we have known one another, but rather the amount of growth we've gotten to watch each other go through and the people we've helped each other become. He is my BEST FRIEND and the biggest supporter of me to pursue my goals whole-heartedly. We adventure hard together + I'm so grateful for the growing little family + life we've created together.


I can get gushy about this man real easily, so I'll just keep it short + end it there.


Ohhhhhhh what dog owner isn't just annoyingly in love with their own dogs? It truly defies logic how convinced we all are that our's are somehow the cutest, most incredible ones out there - despite the chaos they seem to bring. 

Both of our pups are incredibly sweet and an absolute handful in their own unique ways. I don't know how much our dogs were 'rescued' as they were 'puppies adopted with baggage'...a lot can happen in only a few months of a pups life, and we have learned A LOT through owning these two. I wouldn't trade a moment of it!

I take photos of them all day's embarassing.


Aside from immensely enjoying  the culture + process of brewing...I absolutely love beer. It was probably inevitable growing up with an award-winning, home-brewing scientist as a dad, but regardless studying, making and drinking beer is a passion that my entire family holds dear. 

Christian is currently a brewer as well and has big plans with my parents to open our own family brewery! 


If I can be barefoot in the wild...I will be. We've not only found the perfect balance of meditation + adrenaline in rock climbing, but one of the most incredible communities I've ever been a part of. Both personal +  social...calming + energizing...being outdoors and on a rock feels like home to us ways that only seem to grow.

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