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Mountain Top Elopement at Keystone Ski Resort | Rachel + Scott

This magical little elopement introduced a lot of "firsts" to my photography career...and I want more!

We started off the day with a few quick bride & groom preparations at a little cabin near Keystone Ski Resort, before heading up the ski lift to their ceremony site. I didn't actually know that you could take the lifts up after the season is closed, but indeed you can...and I highly recommend it! If not to say your vows, at least ride up for the view and enjoy some lunch at the top.

After their short & sweet ceremony with family, the whole crew sped back down the mountain for an intimate dinner, which I was sweetly included in. It feels odd to set down the camera and join in on the festivities, but it was a beautiful time spent getting to know the faces I'd been photographing. I will never cease to be amazed at the warmth & generosity shown to me by clients & their families, and am beyond thankful for the conversations & connections that my job has provided me with.

Rachel & Scott had decided that after a short celebration with family & friends, what they truly wanted was to spend their first day married alone. And so, after dinner they got started on an elaborate evening of dates & surprises each had planned for the other. I got to swing by their first destination, where they made quite a scene painting pottery in their wedding day attire, receiving ooh's & ahh's as they chose their pieces.

They're relaxed & playful demeanors made it no surprise that the first of their date destination would be something as unexpected & memorable as painting dishes for their new home together.



Pottery Painting: Ready, Paint, Fire



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