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jackie batch san diego boudoir portrait photographer
About Me

Hello, hello

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I'm Jackie - a wedding photographer turned spicy art creator.

Boudoir (or Intimate Portraiture as I like to call it) was never something I planned to fall in love with.

For a long time I saw it as over-the-top & kitsch, imagining perfected studios & outrageous props as a requirement.

It didn't seem "empowering" to try to fit into someone else's version of feminine, sexy, and strong... 

turns out -

boudoir is whatever the hell you want it to be!

After having my own deeply healing experience

I knew that this was about more than

just beautiful photos.


I'm a firm believer that great things rarely come

from comfort zones...so let's dive in!

LET'S dive deep

Bees_Jackie Batch_Double Bees_Eggshell.p

boudoir isn't just creating beautiful pictures...

outdoor san diego boudoir portrait photography
it's healing.

When I started shooting intimate portraits, it felt important and empowering in ways that I couldn't quite put words to.


I was excited to be helping women feel sexy + confident while learning to love what they see in the mirror.

- but as I've grown in this niche, I've encountered the truth that these sessions have far less to do with body image than it seems.

It would feel neat + tidy to toss this genre into

a box, hash-tagged "body positive" ...

...but that only scratches the surface.

Most women have lived having our bodies labeled and defined by others .

Being taught that our worth is attached to that label, and yet taking care of it (heaven-forbid loving it) is vain and selfish.

intimate minimalist san diego studio boudoir portrait photography


I refuse to waste another second of my life believing that I am not already everything I need to be, neglecting the gratitude and praise my body is due.

...how dare we hide our truest selves away from the world, how dare we shove ourselves into ill-fitting boxes hoping to be more palatable.

You are enough. As is. Right now. 

intimate studio boudoir portrait photography in orange county


there is a calm, quiet power

     that comes with

      owning who you are

             in all ways.

portraiture invites vulnerability on all sides and I don't take that trust lightly.

I am here to answer your questions, build you up and welcome real relationship.


jackie batch san diego jackie batch boudoir portrait photographer
more about me

i'm an open book

I care about getting to know you...so here is a little bit more about me

I am so grateful to have a job that I'm THIS freaking in love with...wanting to capture moments + feelings filters into every aspect of my life...

when I do finally find myself out from behind the camera

these are usually the things that fill my time.

rocks / dirt / bruises

If I can be barefoot in the wild...I will be.

We've not only found the perfect balance of

meditation + adrenaline in rock climbing, but one of the most incredible communities I've ever been a part of.

Both personal +  social...calming + energizing...


...being outdoors and on a rock feels like home to us in ways that only seem to grow.


family / love / sappiness

My husband, Christian, and I met when I was sixteeeeeeeen.

A real high school-sweetheart story.


I have no pride in the number of years we have known one another, but rather immense gratitude for amount of growth we've gotten to watch each other go through and the people we've helped each other become.

In 2021 we welcomed our

sweet, wild daughter.


Parenthood has expanded all parts of who we are...we adventure hard together + I'm so grateful for every incredible, messy, and beautifully chaotic bit of this life we've created.


I can get gushy real easily, so I'll just keep it short

and end it there.


ears / tails / energy

Ohhhhhhh what dog owner isn't just annoyingly in love with their own dogs?


It truly defies logic how convinced we all are that our's are somehow the cutest, most incredible ones out there - despite the chaos they seem to bring. 

Heartbreakingly...we lost our big guy at the start of 2022, but he will never stop being a deeply rooted part of our family.


jackie batch san diego boudoir portrait photographer

TRAVEL schedule

Whether it's for current bookings or personal reasons,

I tend to find any reason I can to hop on a plane or make a  killer road trip playlist...

Lucky for you that means I may be in your area!


feb 1-4

april 20 - 27

may - aug


austin, tx

rosemary beach, fl

maternity leave


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