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MEET Jackie

This is me - a curious optimist with a camera, along with a heart for curating + capturing empowering,  joy-filled moments.

Finding my voice as a photographer has involved shaking off a lot of supposed to's, comparisons + the walled off professionalism of being a business owner.

I am fueled by personal connection + bring that wholeheartedly into my photography relationships.

My focus goes

so much deeper than

creating beautiful images...

my focus is you.


You're choosing a curated, one of a kind experience. 


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I aim to capture your uniqueness...your beauty...and your spark.
Getting the most out of this experience requires authenticity & vulnerability on both sides of the camera.


what i do

I strive to give women the space to celebrate, heal, and see themselves in a new light of empowerment and beauty that they may have never seen before.


These experiences open up a safe place for raw conversation and real impact within relationships and the community.

Beyond photos...there is a movement taking place.

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San Diego Boudoir Photography Blog Amand

   LET'S dive deep

boudoir isn't just creating beautiful pictures...

it's healing.

When I started shooting intimate portraits, it felt important and empowering in ways that I couldn't quite put words to.


I was excited to be helping women feel sexy + confident while learning to love what they see in the mirror.

- but as I've grown in this niche, I've encountered the truth that these sessions have far less to do with body image than it seems.

It would feel neat + tidy to toss this genre into a box, hash-tagged "body positive" to my heart's content...but that only scratches the surface.

Most women have lived having our bodies labeled and defined by others . Being taught that our worth is attached to that label, and yet taking care of it (heaven-forbid loving it) is vain and selfish.


I refuse to waste another second of my life believing that I am not already everything I need to be, neglecting the gratitude and praise my body is due.

...how dare we hide our truest selves away from the world, how dare we shove ourselves into ill-fitting boxes hoping to be more palatable.

You are enough. As is. Right now. 

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there is a calm, quiet power

that comes with

owning who you are

in all ways.

Portraiture invites vulnerability on all sides and I don't take that trust lightly.

I am here to answer your questions, build you up and welcome real relationship.