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Littleton, Colorado Garden Brunch Wedding | Abby + Ryan

Colorado garden wedding in July.

(Read: Hot heat sunny burn)

It may have been an early wedding and gone straight into brunch, but Colorado doesn't joke around in the summer. Besides the heat (which thankfully didn't keep anyone off the dance floor anyways), I was stoked about this lovely afternoon.

As a photographer, it's easy to hope for the "best" conditions...whether that be the perfect cloud cover or simply a roomy timeline. Whatever it is, the nature of being a wedding photographer means that I'm often thrown curve balls, and if I stay in that comfortable bubble of "ideal," I won't know how to deal with them when they inevitably come my way.

That being said, I used to dread harsh sunlight.

I hated it so much that I would go to ridiculous lengths to avoid it, rather than embrace and use it.

Once I finally realized, as all photographers who specialize in capturing real moments must, that I couldn't control the conditions...I knew it meant practice was in order.

It's wedding like this one that make me so glad I dove head first into my "weakness" rather than attempting to continue avoiding it. And it only serves to remind me in all aspects of my life...get uncomfortable...that's the only place you make progress.




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