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"My session with Jackie was super fun + empowering!

Though my self esteem is pretty healthy, I'm usually nervous about having my photo taken. I rarely trust the photographer to take the time to find + highlight the beauty in my body + in my dark skin. This time, that wasn't the case

Shooting with Jackie was a breath of fresh air!

She made me feel free, comfortable, validated and beautiful. I fully trusted her thoughtful direction and her vision, knowing it was inline with how I feel about myself.

I'm so happy with my experience + think every woman should have the opportunity to work with her!"


"Do it.


That is what I want to say to every single person that is considering a photoshoot with Jackie. Do it even though it’s scary and nerve-wrecking.


This kind of experience can feel so awkward, but honestly it was more fun than I ever imagined. She was so incredibly sweet and helpful and empathetic. Throughout the whole process, everyone involved made me feel so special and the pictures are stunning!


I never thought I would go do a photoshoot like this, but now I am hooked!


Thank you thank you thank you"


"When I first saw Jackie was offering intimate photo sessions + saw some of her pictures, it really spoke to me. First, I thought to myself "oh, I could never do that" but at the same time I was truly intrigued.


Intrigued because these photos were tasteful + beautiful + more than that, I felt like they told a story about the person in the photos.

But still, the thought of doing it myself....well, I couldn't even imagine how that would go! 


I continued to ponder the idea of doing a shoot for myself. The way it was speaking to me felt like this was definitely part of the personal journey I have been on in discovering + embracing the beauty in me. 

Finally, I decided to pull the trigger - knowing without a doubt at this point that I needed to do this.

After meeting with Jackie to discuss the process + as the days got closer, my uncertainty + inability to see myself being vulnerable + posing for photos started to fade...

As the days leading up to my shoot went by, my heart + mind were really starting to embrace the experience and be open to however this would change me. I hoped that it would open me up to a part of me that has been hidden, silenced and/or ignored my entire life. My fear of doing the shoot transitioned to excitement and anticipation of something new and maybe something I didn't even know to expect.

The day of the shoot finally came and it was amazing! We met at the beach in the early morning hours and the lighting couldn't have been better. I had no fear or anxiety about it and Jackie did an amazing, professional job leading me through the process and helping me to relax and allow my true self to come through.


It was like having dust cleaned off an old piece of furniture that had been sitting in storage, no eyes on it, not being used. When I felt a little stiff (I mean, I don't do these all the time!) Jackie would help me to relax into it and by the end I felt like the self-conscious part of me was.....well, not so self-conscious anymore! 


Mission Accomplished."


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