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Energetic, Emotional Colorado Farm Wedding | Annessa + Sterling

There may only be so many ways to describe a wedding...but no two weddings out of the hundred or so I've shot have ever been the same. This day in particular stuck out to me as "energetic." There were moments of quiet + calm. There were moments overwhelmed by tears, and others laughter. Regardless of whatever was happening at any given time, be it dancing or praying...there was an energy present that gave a buzz to the entire day. I notice that each time I sit down to write about a couple + their day, I worry that it may sound the same, it may sound jaded...or textbook, but in the end it isn't my words that will convey the energy I got to witness + be apart of.

So regardless of how eloquently (or more likely not..hah!) I can express how a day felt, I can always let the photos speak for themselves...enjoy.