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Surprise Proposal at the Coronado Sand Dunes | Davey + Katherine

Coronado Island, San Diego | California


I swear - no matter how many proposals I shoot, I doubt the excitement + adrenaline will ever get old.

Friday morning, as I plugged away on my computer, I received probably the most last minute inquiry I've gotten thus far in my career. Hah! I was reached out to by a close friend of Davey's, who informed me that he planned to propose THAT EVENING. Within minutes, they were booked + we began plotting how to pull of the surprise.

As they walked through the dunes, dodging other photographers and passersby, I stealthily (or at least "stealthily enough") creeped behind them, ducking behind dunes and pretending to shoot a session of my husband who came along as a decoy. Finally I ran up over the top of a particularly large dune just as Davey grabbed Katherine's hands and began to propose....and then like a blur he was down on one knee, she ecstatically accepted and they were swept up into each other's arms!

It is truly such a joy to be able to capture these beautiful, intimate moments. As I look back through these photos, it is striking to me how loudly their joy comes through...you can practically hear their laughter. I am SO happy for these two!

Take a look below :)



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