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Edgy, Bohemian Boudoir Portraits at Palm Spring Windmill Farm

Client Testimonials mean the world to me. I can talk all day long about why I do what I do and the passion I have for working with women, but nothing is more powerful than when women step out and share their own transformative experiences.


"I had been following Jackie’s work for a while and I loved it. The pictures of real people that were sexy and beautiful without objectification. I decided to finally let her know I was interested and was totally surprised by how quickly she made everything happen.

In a month I would be posing in front of a camera, trying to bring out some sexy part of me which barely felt like it existed. I got so incredibly nervous and told my anxiety that it was still not happening (which I continued to reiterate until we parked the car at the windmills)."

I didn’t even know where to start in terms of clothing and sent her all sorts of ideas. She helped me narrow down themes and I brought an arsenal and a half of things. I didn’t even tell my fiance about it until a week before it was happening because I didn’t want it to be real...