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What Is a Model Call? Don't Miss out on This Opportunity!

The Basics...What even is a Model Call?

First of all - don't let the word "model" scare you away. This opportunity is designed for any and all women, whether you have any level of comfort in front of the camera actually doesn't matter at all. Yes, you heard that right. You could have never so much as taken a selfie before and still be perfect for this opportunity!

Boudoir portraiture can be a bittersweet niche because of its intimate nature. While it lends itself to some of the most moving, creative sessions I've ever gotten to shoot, a large portion of them will never be seen.Whether it is due to profession or just personal preference many of my clients aren't able to share images from their sessions.

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In the past I would rely almost completely on collaborating with local models and styled creative shoots to have any kind of promotional material, but then I felt that there was a disconnect from the work I was able to share and the work I was most proud of producing. It can be fun, creative and easy working with professional models, but honestly I would so much rather show off real, inspiring clients feeling confident in their bodies and absolutely killing it in front of the camera - regardless of their stage of life, confidence level, body type...fill in the blank.

And so I created Model Calls! These opportunities are an incredible way for women who may be on the fence about booking a session like this for themselves to get an unforgettable experience, along with a great deal...yayyyuh.

The Details

What's Required?

What do I get?

- you must be at least 21

- you must be willing to sign a model release (allowing images to be used)

- you must complete a short Model Call Interview (share your experience!)

- choose from one of my styled session ideas

The Experience (no deposit)

- session styling + mood board creation

- pre-session guided meditation

- 60-90 minute photo shoot

- up to three outfits

- same day viewing + ordering session

15% Off Collections

Check out more and apply here!

I only take on a handful of applicants a year, but even if spots fill up, you can always

claim 10% off as a thank you for letting your images be shared!


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