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Sweet, Stormy Colorado Lake Wedding | Erin + Greg

Loveland, Colorado


The day began with me gawking around the adorable Airbnb that Erin had rented. Every corner was filled with beautiful, artist's details.

Similar to the details in Erin + Greg's day, everything was incredibly intentional.



The stormy day was no match for the amount of warmth & happiness that oozed from every individual in attendance.

That is the part of weddings that I will never become jaded to...watching someone's friends and family come together to so proudly celebrate. It isn't that your wedding day is "the happiest day of your life," because a marriage is more important that a single lavish day. Rather that the love & encouragement felt on that day is what makes it so moving & important.

Dress & decor trends will come and go, but the love & support shared ...that is what lasts.



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