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Intimate Botanical Garden Wedding at Chatfield Botanic Gardens, Colorado | Megan + Sam

Any amount of unexpected on your wedding day can open the door to frustration....

It's funny that we put such unreal expectations on a single day going "perfectly" (whatever that even means).

But what better time to embrace the unknown & roll with the punches than the first day of the rest of your lives together?

Whenever weather "ruins" wedding plans I find it beautifully poetic.

Life is messy, unpredictable and uncontrollable...the only thing you can control is your response to those unavoidable, unmet expectations...and watching couples do just that in an industry that often feeds the opposite is inspiring.

Your wedding day is about so much more than the venue...the floral arrangements...or the (100% out of your control) weather. And those things have no right to steal even the smallest amount of your joy.


Not only was Megan + Sam's wedding day gorgeous beyond belief, but it was beautiful to watch as they embraced every little hiccup & change of plans thrown their way with contagious laughter & unwavering joy.

Especially as the rain clouds rolled in, the skies opened up, and their garden set ceremony flooded into a labyrinth of mud puddles.

All that mattered was that they were surrounded by friends & family, celebrating the beginning of their new life together.


Rainy Chatfield botanic garden wedding in Denver Colorado

We have opportunities everyday, big & small, in which we have the power to choose joy over stress...choose joy :)


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