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Part One | Lush, Bohemian Wedding at the Bahia Resort + Building 177 in Gorgeous San Diego

- Prep + Details -


It's incredible getting to relive days like these. Maria + Nick put so much of themselves into their celebration, but what I really loved was watching the joy positively overflowing from everyone involved. These two surround themselves with such incredible people, and capturing that energy was truly special. Aside from their free-spirited celebration, the intentionality + relationships built with their vendors is what really stood apart for me. I've shot a lot of weddings, and I've always formed a special bond with my clients...I am after-all with each of them more than they're with each other (let alone anyone else!) on their own wedding day! However...the team that they put together felt more like a collection of old friends than "hired vendors." The was a foundation of trust + freedom that they instilled really allowed everyone to thrive and create a truly unforgettable day together.

- Groom Prep -

- Ceremony -


- Bridal Party -

....Continued here.


Ceremony Venue| Bahia Resort Reception Venue | Building 177

Catering | Mastiff Kitchen

Makeup | Kimberly

Florist | Omar Weebe

Videography | Esteban Benitez @esteban_80

Veil | Karen Thomas Bridal @aussiedesigner

Hair & Shave | Brittany King @hairbnkingg16_ + Taylor Sprecher @taysprek


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