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Part Two | Beautiful, Laughter- filled Wedding at the New Children's Museum | Andrea + Matthew

New Children's Museum | San Diego, California


To set the scene - everyone walked down the aisle to a variety of instrumentals ranging from the beautiful piano medley in the movie "Up" to the Jurassic Park theme song. As the bridal party walked down, they surprised the groom by showing off the secret undershirts they had each bought purely to make him laugh as they walked down.

THESE are the best kind of friends!

...But the mood all changed when Andrea was presented.

*cue tears*

As beautiful and sentimental as their vows + ceremony were, the boys couldn't help but have a little more fun.

A tradition from several of their weddings was to "misplace" the ring. As they each went down the line "unsure" of where it was, they forced the groom around the corner where another close friend appeared, ready to hand it over. After a soft scolding from the groom and a lot of laughter from the rest of the wedding, the ceremony continued on.



Coordination | Kim and Crew Events + Laura

Catering | Phil's BBQ

Hair | Kat Black

Bridal Gifts | 1904 Apothecary Lane


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