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Secluded, Surprise Proposal at Torrey Pines Nature Reserve | Rebecca + Jake

Torrey Pines State Reserve | San Diego, California

Proposals in general always have a special place in my heart. Whether you + your partner talk in detail about the timeline of your future together, or the time simply feels right and you wing it...the nerves are THERE. Now add a secret photographer stalking your hike + it definitely adds a level of adrenaline. This proposal had particular significance for me though, because I've know this little lady since she was 7 or 8 years old. When her mom + fiance reached out to me, I was absolutely giddy to be able to capture such a special moment for them (...while simultaneously feeling incredibly old hah!) Since Becca knows me I had to be extra inconspicuous, which honestly made me feel like I was the one with paparazzi close behind - sunglasses on + hat pulled low.

As they approached the lookout, I waited patiently behind some trees, keeping an eye on his movements + the steady flow of people on the trail. Eventually, the last people enjoying the view wandered back down the trail, and I turned around to see a small cluster of people stopped behind me, whispering about whether or not "that guy is about to propose".

Left with that moment of silence + seclusion Jake got down on one knee and I was able to rush in for the shot! THANK YOU to those wonderful people for giving them that moment to themselves...and making this moment beautifully intimate!