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Spontaneous, Camping Maternity Session in Joshua Tree National Park | Jackie + Christian

At 8 months pregnant we took our last "just us" camping trip. It was the most amazing little getaway - filled with constant realizations of final moments to soak up before our Jae arrives.

Camping will look a little different this summer, but my heart just explodes at the thought of all the passions + places we get to share with little Jae.

I used to have this light, distant fear that once we decided to start a family there was some pressure to change...to suddenly be "parent material"...that somehow we wouldn't be able to be us anymore.

Writing it down sounds silly, but I know it is a common fear. It's been thrown on to one another with good intentioned "warnings" & jokes. It's blasted at us through media & the sitcoms we grew up with.

I don't know when exactly that lie faded away - maybe somewhere along with my attachment to people pleasing and other's opinions...but this transitional time of pregnancy has been uniquely beautiful in shifting my perspective in ways I wouldn't have been able to anticipate.

Of course things will change (we are adding a human to our lives...I'm not completely naive)...but we are constantly changing. I don't have a fearful attachment to "who we are" somehow fluttering away as soon as parenthood arrives, because I know what we are grounded in.

I'm just so damn excited.


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Location: Joshua Tree National Park


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