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Sweet Sunset Engagement Session at Del Mar Dog Beach & Torrey Pines Gliderport | Elizabeth + Michael

- Dog Beach, Del Mar -

ATTENTION ALL COUPLES: please bring your animals to your session...I freaking LOVE it...that's all.

Connecting with these two was one of those moments when you realize that the world is just SO small. An introduction that quickly turned into a reunion.

At a good friend's graduation from medical school, I was introduced to her coworker, Liz, after talking for awhile we all ended up realizing that I already knew her Fiance from high school, and he was a good friend from Christian's soccer days. SMALL WORLD.

Shooting with friends is particularly special. New or old doesn't make a difference. The trust and comfortability required to capture authentic moments is typically either given or built early on in working with a new client, it can happen all at once or take time and is a huge factor in finding the right client/photographer match...but with friends you get to skip over that establishing phase and simply CREATE.

- Torrey Pines Gliderport -


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