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Vibrant, Tropical Spring Wedding in Downtown San Diego | Summer + Bobby

Good Life Resorts | San Diego


Summer + Bobby are probably two of the warmest, intentional people that I've had the pleasure of working with. We really fell into friendship almost instantly during our very first brewery meeting, their engagement session ended in a double date + even our vendor venue tour felt like we were being adopted into their family. The phrase "it takes a village" was heard throughout the day, as friends, coworkers + acquaintances threw themselves whole-heartedly into every detail of this wedding. This "village" of theirs was truly incredible. There wasn't a foot dragging or a sigh to be heard...instead it seemed more like a hive buzzing about with excitement, looking for the next task to be done or the best way to bless the soon to be married couple. I always say that a large part of my job is simple capturing the moments that you couldn't plan for...the little things throughout the day that make it so completely unique to each couple. And because of this, I am very observant of the flow, the people, the energy... With a snug timeline and the most relaxed of bride + grooms, this wedding was full of more moments to capture, than scheduled events.

I could go on and on about the significance of each detail, who made what + how purposeful every last part of this wedding was put together, but I think you can truly feel the intentionality + joy through these images...so take a look!