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What is Boudoir Photography?

What the heck is "Boudoir"??

Maybe you have a clear picture in your head (like I did for so many years!) of cheesy poses, big hair, bigger makeup...and oh god...props. Maybe you've only heard of it vaguely or been afraid to even try to pronounce it.

First of all, let's get lame and technical, because I love a good definition.

bou·doir (noun) - derived from the French verb "to sulk", it refers to a woman's private bedroom or dressing room.

Traditionally boudoir photography would feature only intimate or sensual images, staged in the privacy of a woman's bedroom or studio. It was definitely never something I planned to fall in love with. As someone who has always been fairly modest and definitely private about my sensuality, I didn't relate to the extravagant, hyper-sexualized images that I associated it with.

It wasn't until I had my own truly moving experience with it that my perspective changed.