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4 Must Know Styling Tips For Your Boudoir Session

You've booked your session, you've poured through the Pinterest archives and you've dreamt up the perfect location...

grinch meme san diego boudoir portrait styling tips

There is so much pressure put on photoshoot attire... "What will I wear? What photographs well?"

As sessions start approaching these are the questions that come up most often. While it's a fun creative outlet for me to help style a session head-to-toe, more than anything I actually just want my clients to feel like the best version of themselves during our time. It's incredible how those "favorite jeans" or that "special occasion dress" can have such an impact on your confidence and comfortability - so lean into that! Regardless of any other advice in this post, I hope the biggest take away is: to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Everything else is extra. When you're feeling confident, those vibes will shine through into your session no matter what you're wearing!

But really, I don't assume clients are asking this because they don't know what clothes they themselves like, but rather they want to make sure their wardrobe photographs well - and for that I have plenty of advice. So let's get to it!


bohemian outdoor boudoir portrait photography

1. Whitest Whites + Blackest Blacks

Let's get started with the basics.

White + black.....you can't go wrong!


I typically encourage wearing neutrals + soft colors so that you're never limited by feeling like you clash with your surroundings, but sometimes those most basic colors can actually cause more problems than they solve. This is where undertones and off-colors can make a huge difference.

Keeping a few tiny details in mind will help you avoid looking flat or formless in your photos, and those details are...details! Texture + simple patterns are hands down the best way to wear white + black.

Notice in the brightest and darkest spots of these images how the texture of the fabric or its subtle pattern gives depth that might have otherwise been lost.

Another solution is simply wearing "close to it" colors.

Black tips: A deep, dark green or blue will look almost black and a dark pattern will give depth without disappearing into the shadows.

White tips: Wearing cream or off-white. These colors will read as white when photographed, without any blue-ish highlights or reflective tendencies.


bohemian mountain maternity boudoir portrait

2. Simple, Classic + Comfortable

You can never go wrong with your comfiest jeans or a basic matching set. Aside from the fact that you know you're gonna look and feel amazing in them, wearing simple attire with calm colors brings all the focus onto you and your surroundings.