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Whimsical, Destination Engagement at Mount Falcon, Colorado | Lauren + Sam

Mount Falcon | Colorado


This couple and this place are so freaking dear to me!

Lauren and I became incredibly fast-friends after working a single bartending shift together (at a terrible little dive) before quitting within only a week of each other. Lauren constantly encouraged my snow driving and never shied away from indulging with me in 4 hour coffee dates, midweek camping + impromptu photo shoots. She also met Sam here in Colorado while he was visiting a friend in town - and despite living in separate states, and they began long-distance-dating almost instantly.

I've gotten to watch them fall in love hard + fast...move to a handful of new states...start new jobs..and tackle life head on together - and I'm absolutely honored that I get to capture this next chapter of their lives. I'm gonna avoid getting too sappy and writing an open love letter about these two...so check out some highlights from their mountain top engagement session.

*cue swoon*


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Hello - thanks for stopping by!

I am so grateful to have a job that I'm THIS freaking in love with...


Wanting to capture moments + feelings filters into every aspect of my life...

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