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Zion National Park | Jackie + Christian + Baby Jae

Jae has done more travel in her first two months of life than I've gotten to do in the last two years...

Sharing our love for travel and the outdoors is one of the things I most looked forward to about parenthood. We knew that adding a little one to our adventures would make them inevitably more complicated and create a slower pace, but it has been so important to us to continue doing all the things.

This family trip to Zion was the perfect introduction as we stayed in a condo near the park and just spent our days hiking and exploring. Thank god....because it was 100+ degrees the entire time we were there and could have been rough not being able to escape the heat!

Preparing to bring a 2 month old (well...technically 1.5 month old but we round up!) wasn't actually very difficult. Babies don't need all that much! We specifically brought:

HIKING/OUTDOORS - Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen


- Elvie Breast Pump **I was able to pump while we drove and feed using a bottle to minimize our stops during the 7 hour trip

- Small travel cooler

I was actually a lot more aware and concerned for my own ability to do the hikes being so freshly postpartum. I felt great walking and thanks to my incredible PT (Lauren at Thrive Physical Therapy) I was prepared for the 6+ miles each day, but just to be safe I also got myself a walking pole. This is my most highly recommended item from the whole trip! I don't know if hiking the narrows would have been possible for me without it. As great as I felt 1.5 month postpartum, the balance and odd hip movements required for the Narrows hike would have wrecked a lot of my progress - AND I probably would have fallen a few times hahah Here is the pole I got (Foxelli Folding Trekking Poles)

I only used one and that was perfect, which was great because it meant that Christian could use the other while he carried baby Jae. No one fell or slipped the whole hike!


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Location: Zion National Park, Utah


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