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intimate elopements + celebrations of love

As humans, we crave authentic relationships - but even more so, moving relationships.

To be moved by + connected to another person so deeply that you choose to commit your lives to one another is both

beautiful and


It not only deserves to be celebrated -

but documented in a way that captures

the essence of that relationship.

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"Jackie was SUCH a blessing and an amazing photographer.

She was a calming presence,

took charge appropriately when needed

and the images she captured really reflected the mood of the day.


She set the tone for us to have a great experience all around!"

"My wife is not very fond of taking pictures, but Jackie's

presence and direction made her feel SO comfortable...and it's reflected in the images.

I really can't say enough good things, Jackie was the best!"

As your lives move forward

as your relationships deepen,

and as your families grow -

those are the moments and emotions that hold the most value.

that's what i preserve.

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MEET Jackie

This is me - a curious optimist with a camera, along with a heart for curating + capturing joy-filled moments.

Finding my voice as a photographer has involved shaking off a lot of supposed to's, comparisons + the walled off professionalism of being a business owner.

I am fueled by personal connection + bring that wholeheartedly into my photography relationships.

My focus goes

so much deeper than

creating beautiful images...

my focus is you.



- we crave a life filled with adventure + passion -

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WEDDING DAY collections
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i'm here to make your experience as stress free as possible.

You're getting more than just a photographer...

I've got your back through it ALL.

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FOUR HOURS of coverage

250+ high resolution images

and more...

(starting at $1,800)


SIX HOURS of coverage

450+ high resolution images


and more...

(starting at $2,700)


EIGHT HOURS of coverage

600+ high resolution images


and more...

(starting at $3,600)


TEN HOURS of coverage

750+ high resolution images


and more...

(starting at $4,700)

a la carte - additions

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HOURLY coverage

75+ images/hr


SECOND shooter

and more...

***Since specializing in intimate portraiture, I am only accepting a select handful of celebrations to document each year. 

are you ready to
still have QUESTIONS?

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Guys, I was such a spaz after my fiance proposed - I was shaking, nervous as hell, speechless!

I was so anxious the photos would turn out awkward because I was SO overwhelmed during it, but wow...Jackie captured all that emotion in a perfectly beautiful way..."

The end result was

beautiful candids as well as beautiful poses and of course priceless photos of the actual proposal!"

"...She knew exactly what to say to us during

the engagement shoot to get the right angles + photos without making us FEEL like we were posing


ASK anything