I want that experience

in front of my camera t0

strengthen your confidence, deepen your love for yourself and provide you with lasting memories.


This is me - a curious optimist with a camera,


along with a heart for curating + capturing joy-filled moments.

Finding my voice as a photographer has involved shaking off a lot of "supposed to's", comparisons + the walled off professionalism of being a business owner.

I am fueled by personal connection + bring that wholeheartedly into my photography relationships.


My focus goes

so much deeper than

creating beautiful images...

my focus is you.


I aim to capture your uniqueness...your beauty...and your spark.
Getting the most out of this experience requires authenticity & vulnerability on both sides of the camera.

I'm not necessarily the photographer for everyone - because you're choosing so much more than a photographer.


You're choosing a curated, one of a kind experience.


   Let's dive deep...

Boudoir isn't just creating beautiful pictures...

It's healing.

When I started shooting intimate portraits, it felt important and empowering in ways that I couldn't quite put words to.


I was excited to be helping women feel sexy + confident while learning to love what they see in the mirror.

- but as I've grown in this niche, I've encountered the truth that these sessions have far less to do with body image than it seems.

It would feel neat + tidy to toss this genre into a box, hash-tagging "body positive" to my heart's content...but that only

scratches the surface.

Most women have lived having our bodies labeled and defined by others. Being taught that our worth is attached to that label, and yet taking care of it...(heaven-forbid loving it) is vain and selfish. 


I refuse to waste another second of my life believing that I am not already everything I need to be, neglecting the gratitude and praise my body is due.

...how dare we hide our truest selves away from the world, how dare we shove ourselves into ill-fitting boxes hoping to be more palatable.

You are enough. As is. Right now. 


There is a calm, quiet power

that comes with

owning who you are

in all ways.

Portraiture invites vulnerability on all sides and I don't take that trust lightly.

I am here to answer your questions, build you up and welcome real relationship.