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Chic Boudoir Portraits in Downtown San Diego Loft

Photography has created (and rekindled) more relationships than I can keep track of. There is something about the vulnerable nature of being photographed that lends itself to relationship building. On this particular day, at this particular session I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a high school friend. At one point during her session, she mentioned how wild her boyfriend thought it was that she was doing a session like this in front of an old high school classmate whom she had fallen out of touch with. And I guess if you think about it...don't most cliche nightmares start with being in your underwear in front of classmates? LOL. Thankfully this session had no public speaking, no laughing classmates and was in fact an absolute dream.

chic black woman boudoir portraits in downtown san diego studio

Here is a sweet little blurb M wrote about her experience:

"My session with Jackie was super fun and empowering! Though my self esteem is pretty healthy, I’m usually nervous about having my photo taken. I rarely trust the photographer to take the time to find and highlight the beauty in my body and in my dark skin. This time, that wasn’t the case." "Shooting with Jackie was a breath of fresh air! She made me feel free comfortable, validated and beautiful. I fully trusted her thoughtful direction and her vision, knowing it was inline with the way I feel about myself.""When she showed me a few shots between outfit changes, my trust in her was confirmed. I’m so happy with my experience and I think every woman should have the opportunity to work with her. I can’t wait to do it again!"

chic black woman boudoir portraits in downtown san diego studio

chic black woman boudoir portraits in downtown san diego studio

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Location: Downtown San Diego


jackie batch photography san diego boudoir portraits

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