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5 Important Tips for Planning Boudoir in the Snow

what you need to know about boudoir in the snow (that rhymed...unintentional).

colorado winter boudoir portraits in the snow


LAYERS. Let me just say...you can't bring too many layers. Not only are layers going to benefit your session by giving extra dimension + texture to your outfit, but you are going to want to bundle up between sets. Even if you are leaning toward an implied topless look, you can still do so with a cozy blanket or jacket and have it serve multiple purposes.

FOOTWEAR. Now you can definitely go the barefoot route if you want! I personally love being barefoot in the outdoors, even if it means being cold...BUT you can always incorporate cute boots into your looks that give you the ultimate "snow bunny" look. In this session you can see that B did a little bit of both!

Regardless to what you decide to shoot in - bring that pair of boots. We will be trekking around in the snow and you wanna make sure that your toes aren't frozen between sets.

colorado winter boudoir portraits in the snow

COLORS. Depending on the amount of snow on location there will be a lot of bright white surrounding you and you want to plan your wardrobe to make sure you don't get lost in the background. I love the crisp white bodysuit that B chose (see below), and simply adding a few pink statement pieces gave it the pop it needed without overpowering it's delicate nature.

colorado winter boudoir portraits in the snow


WARMTH. Hand warmers are a game changer! You can dress as cozy as you'd like for in between sets, but there is nothing as helpful as tossing a few hand warmers in your boots and jacket pockets. They are the perfect "reset" before you strip back down again.

colorado winter boudoir portraits in the snow

TRAVEL CLOTHES. Bring a snuggly pair of clothes to change into once you get back to your car. Make sure that whatever you plan to bring you do not wear during your session. You want to make sure you have a full set of warm, dry, clean clothing just in case you need or want it.

Blasting the car heater is only so helpful if you've got snow in your boots or damp socks!

colorado winter boudoir portraits in the snow

At the end of the day, if you prepare properly there is no reason to be uncomfortable during a snowy, winter session! So what's stopping you??


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Location: Boulder, Colorado

Hair & Makeup: Laci Eaton


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