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A Guided Meditation Made Just for You

Grounding, Centering and Setting Your Intentions

The first time I ever did a guided meditation was during one of my first meetings with Women's Health Coach, Julia Balto. I am someone who always spent plenty of time in quiet thought, I deeply cherished my time journaling and reflecting...but honestly I had never "meditated." Are there rules to it? Is it truly thinking about nothing at all? Is it thinking about only one thing? I wouldn't have even known where to start.

This experience was different, it felt so accessible to me. As someone who's mind can often wander down tangents, it felt like being walked down a beautiful path as opposed to the zig-zagging rabbit trails my journaling often followed.

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

After that experience I knew that this was something I wanted my clients to have access to. I already encouraged clients to journal and reflect before/after their sessions, but I knew this kind of experience could be such a powerful tool for anyone without meditation practice, like me!

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

Intentionality is so important. Allowing yourself the time to be still, reflect & align your intentions for this session is not only beneficial to the process & session experience, but as a form of self care.

What you get out of your session is truly based of what you put into it, so I encourage clients to dive into this meditation fully ready to embrace & reflect on what you receive through it

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

A Little Something From Julia

Hi, my name is Julia Balto. I help ambitious women get out of their heads, quiet their inner critics and stop self-sabotaging so they can fully step into their power and purpose.

I believe that the most authentic, calm, confident, and wildly happy version of you is already inside, dying to be unleashed. You're not broken or needing to be fixed. You simply need to peel back the layers, shed what's no longer working and come back home to yourself.

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

If you're ready to fully step into your power and purpose, I'd love to support you in a free 1:1 coaching session.

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

In This Session We'll...

  • Uncover what you're truly craving paint a picture of the fullest, most authentic expression of YOU.

  • Identify exactly what's standing in your way and keeping you stuck and why other pieces you may have tried before haven't helped.

  • Create your personalized, step by step plan to get out of your head, take back your power and step fully into your purpose and joy.

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

beautiful outdoor san diego mountain boudoir

And if you're ready to experience more than just a photo shoot, reach out here so we can start dreaming together!


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