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Expert Advice: Choose Dramatically Different Looks for Maximum Variety in Your Boudoir Session

Are you looking to add a little extra variety and spice to your boudoir session?

Making sure your three looks are as dramatically different as you can is the perfect way to ensure a wide range of photos that capture more of your depth. Check out some highlights from Ti's session along with a few tips for planning out your own mix of styles!

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To showcase her unique style, Ti not only put together a diverse collection of outfits, but also brought along wigs and props to create looks that specifically represented different facets of her personality.

1. Start Minimal

There are two ways I approach the order in which we shoot looks. In a typical session I encourage starting in the outfit that you feel the least excited about since you will only gain confidence as we shoot...and inevitably most women like their later photos a tiny bit more. This is a great rule of thumb, but not always the best choice.

However, the one exception for this advice would be if you have more than one hair/makeup look - whether that be adding a dramatic smoky eye or tossing on a bold, red lip. In these cases I suggest starting minimal and adding as we go. This also applies to and adhesives you may want to incorporate like glitters, jewels, etc. (Take a look at how this stunning client added jewel pasties into her session!) Which leads perfectly to my next tip...

san diego peerspace boudoir portraits gamer girl beautiful asian woman

Take Advantage of Accessories

In my blog post on styling tips I mention accessories specifically in terms of creating visual depth and helping to incorporate movement through interacting with them. Here I want to focus more on the storytelling factor that they can add into your session. Most noticeably Ti made use of three high contrasting wigs, but for one look she brought a variety of gamer-girl props that we had a blast playing with incorporating. This little set turned out so damn cute and added such a unique dynamic to the gallery!

Use Different Locations

Even within a small space, such as this little Peerspace living room + kitchen, we were able to find the perfect little nooks to compliment each outfit and create new moods. In Ti's last two looks specifically, you would never know that they were all taken in the same room, only a handful of feet apart. Using the perfect combination of different props, outfits and utilizing contrasting light on opposing walls, her hour long session ended up looking like it took place on three separate days!


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