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Buttermilk Boulders Climbing Trip | Bishop, California

The Beautiful Buttermilk Boulders


Not only did I get to shoot Krista + Kenny's breathe-taking engagement session here, but we got to tag along on four days of hard climbing paired perfectly with calm evenings around the fire.

There is something uniquely amazing about dispersed camping. Even though there were plenty of other climbers in the area, it really felt like we had it all to ourselves. Four or so cars full of people all cluttered around the single fire pit we claimed for ourselves. Tents sprinkled into the surrounding area, looking like a small nomad community.

Each morning we would be woken up by the heat of the sun creeping into the sky, brew ungodly amounts of coffee and get ourselves riled up on which 15-30 foot boulders would be on the day's agenda.

I'll spare you the climber talk about routes, grades and sends and leave you with these lovely photos of awesome people, happily in their element.



Fun in Failure


So much of climbing is about accepting failure...not simply accepting it and giving up, but accepting it as a required part of the process.

Fear of failure has the ability to drastically control our lives if we let it, and climbing has become an amazing way to practice accepting it and even enjoying the role it plays.

"The Womb/Birthing Experience" was a hilarious climb for most of us. Not only was the start incredibly low to the ground, but the first move was the hardest...making for some hilarious falling photos. My favorite part of this sequence is how many smiles are included is the slow motion face-plants.

Click here to see the full climb...you can even do twin, triplet or quadruplet ascents!




Location: Buttermilk Boulders, Bishop


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