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Dreamy Rooftop Romantics in Downtown San Diego| Audrey + Christopher

Would you believe this session actually started out as a wild, little family session?

These two have the absolute cutest children so we spent the first 20 minutes running around and creating snuggly dog piles before switching the mood to these dreamy, romantic couples shots.

I could shoot with C + A in any location on any day...they went from goofy, silly parent mode to edgy, vague in the blink of an eye.

My favorite part of shooting in areas like this parking garage is the seemingly blank slate we get to work with. While I am forever a fan of dramatic, sweeping landscapes like L + S's engagement session in Colorado shooting in locations with bold blank walls, slabs of concrete and "dull" colors leaves so much more room for creativity!

C + A's minimal aesthetic lent itself perfectly to keeping with the neutral tone of this location and allowing for the natural colors (starting with the vibrant blue sky and transitioning into the warm sunset) to really be highlighted.


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Location: Downtown Rooftop, San Diego


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