Moody Church Wedding Followed by a Rescue Puppy Reception | Laura + Justin

Updated: May 2, 2019

Dramatic Catholic ceremony. Light-hearted bridal party. Surprise puppy rescue reception. Intimate forest vow exchange. Holy cow...

Dramatic is by far the most accurate word that I can use to describe this wedding.

The church. It's sky-high ceilings created a cozy depth to the soft light drifting through the stained glass.

The puppies. A surprise set in place by the groom, incorporating adoptable rescue puppies into their special day, filled the reception with giddy laughter, soft snuggles and in the end placed a few puppies into forever homes.

Their vows. We walked down into the forest just below the party deck, enough for the laughter & excitement of the reception to feel distant. There they read each other more intimate promises than the "I Do's" said earlier. They gave themselves time to laugh & cry and enjoy a moment being alone & married, before returning and tearing up the dance floor.


Venue: Mount Vernon Canyon Club

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