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Lush, Minimalist Studio Boudoir in Downtown San Diego

I've uprooted a few of my oldest blog posts from their forgotten little grave of screenshots, tucked away in a pit of folders, taken who knows how long ago with the intent to someday be revisited. I'm glad I found them. I'm reminded how cyclical my thoughts can be and I love that despite all my personal growth, it can be my own words, from years ago, that give me new inspiration.

(Thoughts are paired with highlights from a beautiful mini-session from this past year)

minimal downtown san diego studio boudoir portraits


I sat so specifically. I had such intent. When will I be able to get done what I planned? I sat down to sketch...to write...to create...Sometimes is takes brute effort to keep creating rather than pure inspiration. Stranger's conversations continue to steal my focus. I can't stop myself from listening to the diversity of lives and opinions.

Quiet friends discussing personal matters - Kooky Obeachians hashing out conspiracy theories & the future of our species...I end up sitting, listening. Oh no...how rude...I can't stop myself from chiming in...

minimal downtown san diego studio boudoir portraits

...And I'm back. It's possibly an hour later...I'm actually unsure. I wasn't even able to finish my thoughts on my own distraction. My lack of productivity has proven quite productive. A stranger may never know the impact that an hour of conversing, like seemingly old friends, has had. We may never cross paths again, despite the local, small town circumstances we live in, but it's mornings like these that provide more inspiration than I could attain from wandering through my own brain. There is nothing greater than simply allowing yourself to be present where you are, experiencing those around you. Create plans, but hold them loosely...

minimal downtown san diego studio boudoir portraits

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Location: Downtown San Diego


jackie batch photography san diego boudoir portraits

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I am so grateful to have a job that I'm THIS freaking in love with...


Wanting to capture moments + feelings filters into every aspect of my life...

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