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Modern & Eclectic Boudoir in Styled Artist's Loft

Client Testimonials mean the world to me. I can talk all day long about why I do what I do and the passion I have for working with women, but nothing is more powerful than when women step out and share their own transformative experiences.


"At times, do you ever feel like the universe is sending you an oh-so-gentle nudge … and lo and behold, something comes across your lap (or Instagram feed, in this case!) and it ends up being exactly what you didn’t know you needed? Enter, Jackie.

I responded to an Instagram post on Jackie’s intimates page (which I had been following for quite a while – but had never taken the plunge to reach out and inquire) that she was interested in finding a few models for a weekday shoot. I felt that gentle, universe nudge – and applied on her website. To my delight, she got right back to me and before we knew it – I had a shoot set up!

I knew I wanted to do a more “traditional” style boudoir shoot (something I had never done but always wanted to do). Part of the services included having my hair and makeup done – which, let’s be honest – just starts everything off on the right foot! A perfect little gift I might not consider giving to myself – but oh my goodness, did it get the vibes going!

From the very beginning and throughout whole process, Jackie helped me feel relaxed, confident – and my pictures show it! Once we looked through the gallery together, I kept saying over and over “Is that me?!”.

traditional boudoir portraits san diego artist studio

"I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Stretch marks I’ve carried most of my life, nit-picky parts about myself that my eyes usually dart straight toward were among the last things I even noticed. All I could focus on was how confident I looked – and truly felt."

traditional boudoir portraits san diego artist studio

"This experience was invaluable to me. We are always “waiting” on something – had there not been an Instagram call, I might have continued to wait. Wait until I felt my body was ready – until I felt my skin was perfectly clear – wait, wait, wait. I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT WAIT!

Seeing myself in the here and now and getting to celebrate that – exactly where I am – is the best gift I could have received. THANK YOU, JACKIE for helping orchestrate this for me!

I will truly never forget my experience."

traditional boudoir portraits san diego artist studio

traditional boudoir portraits san diego artist studio

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Location | Sandbox Venue Hair & Makeup | Pink Chique


jackie batch photography san diego boudoir portraits

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