Secluded, Sunrise Boudoir Session at Black's Beach

Updated: Feb 17

Waking up at 4:00 am for this sunrise session was worth it in every way! Not everyone is up for the early alarm sounding, having hair & makeup done while it's still dark outside or fighting off sleepy eyes as you sip on coffee...BUT let me tell you...arriving to an empty location with the dreamiest sunrise color pallet will make you wanna do it all over again once you're done!

Outdoor sessions are by nature not going to give any guarantee to privacy. I have a handful of locations that I've found throughout the years that help ensure as much seclusion as possible, whether that is due to specific scheduling or simply finding secluded nooks, hidden away from the random passer-by, but at the end of the day shooting in public includes giving up an element of control. Sunrise sessions are one extra way that I've found to add privacy. Now trust me, even the most nervous of clients get to the end of their session with "excuse me, we are shooting here" level confidence, but it helps to start off without the extra thought of a stranger's glance.

For this particular session, we got the privacy found at sunrise, along with the perks that come with the location... ...if you weren't already aware, Black's Beach is in fact a nude beach. Nothing will take the pressure off even the busiest of San Diego sunset beach sessions than passing by strangers already in the buff!

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Location: Black's Beach

Hair & Makeup: Jamie (with Pink Chique)