Striking, Fall-Inspired Boudoir Session on Mount Laguna

Updated: Feb 17

The new year inevitably brings self-reflection, new aspirations, and a renewed sense of ambition - and this year in particular, as we move into a new decade (and so fittingly capturing the renewed sense of clarity & focus), it is only natural to look back...see your growth...your shortcomings...and everything that got you to where you are right this moment.

It's so easy for me to get lost in "striving" and forget about the long, winding road behind me. But I'm so thankful for where I am RIGHT NOW. Failures, successes...all of it. And with that...I stumbled upon a post from my 4 year old blog and would love to share some of here it is (accompanied by photos from a recent session). ---

I'm on a confidence kick. I don't necessarily always have it, but I'm simply empowered by the idea.

I've been reading a lot about True Confidence (as opposed to the plethora of stupid shit we do, hoping to mask our countless insecurities). And while the topic is being pulled from a male-based self help book (thank you Mark Manson), the ideas apply far too universally to be kept limited to gender.

It's absolutely ridiculous that it is so easily lacked. What is it about acceptance that had us so drunkenly obsessed with being liked...being seen as anyone...everyone. The idea of genuinely putting yourself out there on a be judged (usually blindly)...well it's terrifying.

And thus - incredibly powerful

True confidence comes from true self-acceptance.

"The mark of true self-esteem is not feeling like you lack nothing—it's being comfortable with what you lack."

I love that.

...not because I totally have it, because I struggle to be nice to myself everyday for one over-analyzed reason or another...but knowing that no one else can affect you unless you give them that power. There is no quota that you must meet before you can be whole-heartedly & unapologetically happy with yourself. Confidence isn't created by circumstance, but nurtured into existence, beginning with genuine self-acceptance.

It can be annoying, but I like to be reminded that most of my issues are self-created...cause that means that I can do something about it. I can strive to be better...but that doesn't change that I am enough RIGHT NOW.

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Location: Mount Laguna, California

Hair & Makeup: Jamie (with Pink Chique)