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Stylish Boulder, Colorado Farm Wedding | Katie + Forrest

Katie + Forrest are the type people that make a genuine impact on everyone they meet. Both have a calm, almost stoic presence that smoothly shifts into an unapologetic playfulness + giddy nature.

They are the type of people that you meet in passing, and end up in deep conversation with. Old souls that met one another + fell in love at a young age.

Everything about their story and their day overflowed with heart melting romance.

Each section of the day built upon the excitement + joy of the last. Probably one of my favorite moments was their take on a "First Look" (click here to learn about first looks). Their take being that it wasn't a look, but a moment. Since they wanted to preserve the emotion of coming down the aisle and seeing one another for the first time, they decided to spend a moment in prayer, holding hands + hearing the others voice instead. It was an incredibly moving moment and an amazing alternative to traditional first looks.

Take a look below at some of the highlights throughout their day.




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