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Creating space

for women to

wildly & deeply

love themselves.

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san diego based
boudoir + intimate portraiture
Lost Angeles Boudoir Studio Portrait
photos to refresh your inner soul
a unique experience focused on the individual
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You are enough

just as you are

right now.

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Every woman deserves

to not just feel beautiful, but to know to her core that 

she already is 

everything she needs to be.

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"...Truly an experience,                

                  not just a photo shoot..."

"Jackie helped me get out of my comfort zone, while at the same time still feeling like myself.


The final product was incredible - she made me feel like the most confident, beautiful version of myself in a way I didn’t know was possible!"


Model Call San Diego Boudoir-1.jpg

TRAVEL schedule

Whether it's for current bookings or personal reasons,

I tend to find any reason I can to hop on a plane or make a  killer road trip playlist...

Lucky for you that means I may be in your area!

march 8 - 10

march 25 - 27

june 30 - july 6

september 21 -27

zion, ut

walnut creek, ca

portland, or

denver, co
San Diego Boudoir Portrait Outdoor Session
San Diego Boudoir Portrait Outdoor Session
San Diego Boudoir Portrait Outdoor Session






what i do

I strive to give women the space to celebrate, heal, and see themselves in a new light of empowerment and beauty that they may have never seen before.


These experiences open up a safe place for raw conversation and real impact within relationships and the community.

Beyond photos...there is a movement taking place.

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