sentimental moments
for the wild at heart
and the deep feelers

Southern California Photographer focusing on 

weddings + elopements

intimate portraits



love stories

- your photos should tell a story as unique as you -


I want your experience

in front of my camera to deepen

your relationship,

strengthen your confidence,

and provide you with lasting memories


This is me - a curious optimist with a camera


along with a heart for curating + capturing joy-filled moments.

Finding my voice as a photographer has involved shaking off a lot of "supposed to's", comparisons + the walled off professionalism of being a business owner.


I am fueled by personal connection + bring that wholeheartedly into my photography relationships.


My focus goes

so much deeper than

creating beautiful images...

my focus is you.


To capture your authentic connection + self requires a level of vulnerability on all sides and a level of relationship.

I'm not the photographer for everyone - because you're choosing so much more than just a photographer.


You're choosing an experience.



Whether it's for current bookings or personal reasons,

I tend to find any reason I can to hop on a plane or make a  killer road trip playlist...

Lucky for you that means I may be in your area!

Travel Schedule

2019 - 2020
September 20 - 22
March 26 - 29
April 23 - 26
May 27 - 31 
Scottsdale, AZ
Salem ,OR
Grand Rapids, MI
Philadelphia, PA

intimate portraits

wedding + engagements



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